Saturday, February 27, 2010

Feb 27/10

Yesterday was my day off for working last weekend so I stayed in my pyjamas all day and did some housework in between watching the Olympics. While in front of the television, I worked on finishing these designs so that I can take the all red "Love" and the "Winter" ones to Newfoundland next weekend. Thanks to Vonna at The Twisted Stitcher blog and her finishing tutorials for well laid out directions for flat fold ornaments. I used her technique, including the clothespins, to finish "Winter" and I must say that it turned out very nicely!

Here is another recent finish (as of last night!):
She is from the Dimensions Gold Collection Petites and her name is "Twilight Angel". I did make a counting mistake or two where her sash and skirt meet, but a little jigging around saved me from having to rip out most of her belly area when the mistake was discovered! Stitching this kit is part of my campaign to clear out the clutter in my craft room. I am not sure why I bought this kit beyond I probably thought that it was pretty so I stitched it so that it could move from my to-be-done pile to the completed pile.

In 6 days time, I will be in Newfoundland for a wee holiday! I can not wait!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feb 24/10

Well, it has been a while since I updated this blog! There has been some stitching going on as you can see by this cute little design that I downloaded from Michaels:

The finish will be a flatfold ornament which I hope to do this weekend when I finally have a few days off! The ornament is a hostess gift for a family I will be staying with when I go to Newfoundland next week!

When not stitching, I have been visiting Ebay and purchasing more patterns for one of my next lifetimes:
Honestly, I have more than enough patterns, but I just could not resist! My current interest in patterns is snowmen, probably because we are having a weird winter here. Most of my flower beds and parts of my lawn have no snow cover whatsoever when usually we have mounds and mounds of snow. The funny part about my snowman pattern obsession is that I really am not a winter person! I much prefer the hot and sunny days of summer; I tolerate the cold and snow because this is where my family lives!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Feb 7/10

A friend of mine was decluttering recently and she found these card kits that her ex-mother-in-law had given her. The friend no longer cross stitches for lack of time (she is a hockey mom) and she never had a good relationship with her ex-MIL so I suspect that giving them away might be a karma thing as well. I am always up for a quick stitch and I de-cluttered an old TV and a candleholder her way so I gladly accepted the kits!

This weekend has been a quiet one chez moi so I have been stitching ALOT! I started the third page of HAED Iris on Friday and look at how far I have come since then:

After I take care of more laundry, visit my treadmill and then visit my Mom's house for supper, I will settle in for a night of movies and stitching. There is something called the Super Bowl on tonight so I will be watching romantic comedies on the W Network instead because I would rather jam my craft scissors in my eye than watch American Football.

And in other news, 26 days until I get to Newfoundland!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Feb 5/10

Ok, so here is the last variation of Vee's ornament. This one is stitched with DMC 816 on my last scrap of this piece of Aida.

I finished it after curling last night in an attempt to warm up my hands and fingers. The temperatures are hovering around -10C and it is a damp cold so I am freezing all of the time! The curling club was so cold last night out in the ice shed that I did not unzip or remove my curling jacket and I usually find it too warm to even wear it because I play first stone and therefore sweep alot!

Part 2 to this post:
I was reading through my blog list and came across an address for a local design company:
Pine Glen Designs. This company is based out of Campbellton, New Brunswick which is about 5 hours north of here. Maybe it is because there is a lack of cross-stitching community where I live that it pleases me so much to find that there is some activity in our province.

And here is a gratuitous pet photo. What else is there to do on a cold and sunny winter day?

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Feb 3/10

I finished the Dimensions Snow Man at 2am this morning. EEP! When I had sat down to stitch, I had meant to only stitch until 11:30pm, but I was so close to being finished that I kept saying to myself, "Just another half hour". The french knots look pretty good considering the time of night that they were tied!

Remembering the pain from the night before, I put a bandage over the end of my finger before sitting down to stitch so there are no new holes in my needle pushing finger!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Feb 2/10

Happy Ground Hog Day! I hear that the various ground hogs have seen their respective shadows so it is 6 more weeks of winter. Whatever, I live in Canada where it can snow until May.

I have booked my plane ticket to go see a certain Newfie in March! I am really excited to see him, but also excited to see a bit of Newfoundland, a place I have never visited. He wants to take me to the town where his father was from to meet some of the clan so I will get to spend some time in a fishing village a couple of hours from St John's. St John's sounds really cool as well, but I want to see the real Newfoundland, too! Booking the spa night is not going smoothly as the spa at one place is closed on the night that I want to book and the other place has a staff training night, but they are going to see what they can work out for me.

Almost done the Dimensions Snow Man. The skin on my hands is suffering as we are going through a cold snap of -20 Celsius. There are paper cuts all over the place and I managed to drive the head of my embroidery needle into my pushing finger a couple of times last night. Getting up to get a bandage to protect the pad of my finger would have been brilliant, but I was too lazy so I sit here and complain instead.

Well, off to work I go so that I can continue to afford my travels and my needlework!