Sunday, October 30, 2005

Oct 18/05

Daylight Savings Time has just been adjusted back to Standard Time here so I am enjoying a lazy morning, chuckling to myself that my sloth is okay even though it is past noon in my biological clock. Oh well, the lazy morning is giving me time to ruminate over my to-do list for today which is not getting done and other little things that are going on in my life.

I recently started reading "Acadien pour de bon", a children's story about living in Acadia. The interesting part for me is that I am reading the french translation which I found recently in the books being donated for the Rotary annual used book sale. Apparently, the six years of french immersion are still stored somewhere in my brain because I am reading it without translating to understand although I am reading very slowly.

One of my neighbours had her house egged last night. I came across one our local RCMP officers who was walking around her property as I was out walking the dog.

My brother, his 2 year old son and I carved some pumpkins yesterday in preparation for the ghouls and goblins tomorrow night. We have not done that since we were kids, but it was lots of fun. I have to assemble a costume for work tomorrow and do some decorating to welcome the little tricksters at the door tomorrow evening.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Oct 10/05

There have been alot of thoughts rumbling around my brain about the truths as we see in ourselves and what we let others see. My pen and ink diary entry last night was an exploration to the true answer as to why I am not married and the answer I give publicly versus the answer I know to be the full truth. Alot of the musing has been provoked by something else dealing with someone else who is unable to see some truths about herself and I was blamed for her current state of unhappiness. Pretty vague in the telling, I know, but.....

Why do we lie so much to ourselves and others? All it achieves for me is a feeling of being twisted up into emotional knots and spending a great deal of time trying to see my way through the self-induced fog. Some one once said to me that with me, what you see is what you get and I took that to be a compliment. Falseness and deception are things that I try to avoid. Most times, it means that I do not play the social game very well, but that is okay if it means that I am true to myself.