Sunday, June 24, 2007

June 24/07

For the ornie SAL. I found this Scandinavian-inspired motif in a book called "Traditional Needle Arts Cross Stitch" by Katrin Cargill and decided to "finish" it by gluing it onto some card stock that I had left over from the cards I made for Christmas 2006. The motif is stitched on a mystery piece of 14 count Aida with DMC 304.

Monday, June 18, 2007

June 18/07

Not much to report from the stitching end of things because I have been working and then I drove off to spend 4 days in Old Quebec City in an attempt to see more of my country. Plus, it adds another UNESCO site to my life list. I had a great chat with my advisor at UNBSJ the other day as I plan out the courses that I want to take this coming year to get ready to apply for the Masters in International Development Studies. Afterwards, I was a bit dazed at all the potential jobs I could be involved in after the Masters program. Dr. Jeffrey is so enthusiastic and helpful and she just loves the fact that I have a pharmacy degree. She was sympathetic to my worries about writing papers (I only ever wrote one paper at Dal), but she has made suggestions about how to get on with that.

In lieu of stitching photos, here are some photos from my yard that I took last week:


My yard is bursting into bloom! Yay!

Monday, June 11, 2007

June 11/07

Better late than never:

A Debbie Mumm kit for Dimensions called Christmas Adornments.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

June 3/07

I did alot of stitching on my ornaments yesterday while at the symposium on Pulmonary Hypertension in Moncton. I figured that it would keep me awake since I never stay awake during seminars. The symposium and the NB Pulmonary Hypertension Society are the brain child of my friend, Jennifer Gendron whose son has been diagnosed with the condition. The group's website can be found here. No piccies yet because the camera is still at Mom's although I could shove the ornaments in the scanner, I suppose. The skin on the tip of the middle finger on my right hand got worn off during all of that stitching so I will have to wear a bandage if I want to do any stitching tonight.

After the symposium, I realized that I was just a few blocks away from a cross stitch store that I had heard about, but never knew how to get where it is situated. Yes, maps are good things, but that would be too organized and efficient for me. The store does not have a website so I can not give a link to check it out. I am now a huge fan of the store because it was so cool to see all of the leaflets from all of the designers that all of the other cross stitchers have been talking about in their blogs that I read. So, if you are in the Moncton area, I would recommend that you check out Because You Count at 164 Collishaw Street in Moncton, New Brunswick.

I managed to restrain myself while there and only came out with 3 patterns: Lizzie Kate's "Love Crazy", Teresa Wentzler's "Knotwork Bookmarks I" and the 2006 JCS Christmas Ornaments edition which I was too slow to purchase when the two copies were quickly sold off the magazine rack where I work. Lest you think that I have great strength in not going crazy with pattern buying, I have just purchased 10 patterns from one of my favourite eBay sellers who is closing her shop.....Looks like she has closed her shop as the link is no longer working. Plus, I also gave up waiting for the LNS to find its wayward order from Wichelt so I found some pieces on eBay that may just do the trick and I am waiting for those to arrive in my mailbox along with the exotic and endangered animal booklets that I ordered from that vendor.

Well, I should finish the laundry and then sun myself on the deck for a few minutes before heading to my Mom's with the outside planters that she wants. More clutter going out the door! Yay! The birdfeeders also need to be refilled. I have debated with myself about having birdfeeders and letting my cats outside, but the bird population seems to be reviving and my cats are so lazy that they rarely do further than the edge of the deck.