Thursday, July 06, 2006

July 6/06

Today was one of those days that I could not have predicted the end at the beginning. Mind you, I started off the day trying to figure out why all of our prescription refills were showing expired when they had not expired. A call to technical support and some playing around with the computer led me to discover that somehow one of our terminals was showing that it was November. Once that was changed, our problems were solved.

Work was work and I left early to go deliver a thank you card and to get my haircut. Mom and I went to a strawberry festival at our usual time and place so we ran into alot of people from our old community. We had some interesting dinner companions and had quite a chat with someone that Mom described as a "character" afterwards. I thought that he was cool, but I was also wishing that he was about 15 years younger!

I was supposed to go out for a run tonight, but I had to review a continuing education program because I had forgotten about the review and it is due tomorrow. The program was boring as hell and my dial up connection dragged out the agony. By the time I finally quit (70 minutes into it and still a couple of sections to go.....), I woke up enough to hammer out a not so favourable review. Now, I sit here thinking that I should go to bed so that I feel like running tomorrow after I take the dog to have his toenails trimmed. Such an exciting life, eh!