Sunday, June 29, 2008

June 29/08

Here is my June ornament: "Winter Love" by Sam Sarah Design Studio from JCS 2007 Christmas Ornaments. Both hats are now green in this one because I chose to stitch it on black Monaco instead of the oatmeal colour suggested in the magazine. The black hat on the right hand snowman would have been lost on this fabric. The one thing that I dislike about stitching on black fabric besides having some difficulty seeing the holes is how the cat hair is glaringly evident despite my best efforts to keep it at bay.

Here's an update on the baby quilt. Another square and a bit have been completely stitched......

Friday, June 27, 2008

June 27/08

The display of colour is moving around the gardens to the Asiatics that are bursting into bloom. These vibrant orange blooms are the first to make their appearance, but a quick inspection in the other beds revealed that several others are about to do the same.

The stella d'oro lily is one of my all time favourites because the bright yellow blooms are so cheery and this lily blooms most of the summer. I just love this plant because it is so beautiful and long lasting.

The glazing and firing made my little dinosaur look awesome! I can not wait until August to give this to my nephew!

Monday, June 23, 2008

June 23/08

My mother and my Rotary club got me good tonight. It is not unusual for my mother to be at our meetings because she gets roped into alot of our club activities since she is related to me. I was a bit surprised to walk into the meeting to see her there when I was not expecting her to be there, but I fell for all of the lines the other members gave me! Later on during the meeting, one of the members stood up to give a presentation and I kind of zoned out because I was anxious to get over to the Little League ballfield to watch my friends' sons play baseball so you can imagine my surprise when I hear, "And I would like to present this Paul Harris Fellow to Virginia Stites for all that she does to make the world a better place." What a great recognition from my club! I certainly am not involved to get awards and am usually quite embarrassed when singled out for any project that I am involved in, but I am pleased as punch to be recognized by people who I am inspired and supported by in so many ways.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

June 22/08

My stitching has been slowed up a bit by some tendonitis in my right arm and my social life! I was at a wedding last night and today I was poking around Saint John with J & C as we did breakfast and then shopped at Michaels and a furniture auction place. My siberian irises are the latest blooms making their appearance in my gardens. What a lovely show they are putting on!

While I was snapping photos of the irises, my dear Penelope stopped to smell my toes. She has been a lively addition to my household this spring!

June 21/08

The cross stitch portion of the quilt is now complete. If you squint at the top left hand corner, you can see that I have finished the backstitching and satin stitches on the toucan. I was so engrossed in this square last night that I misread the clock in the livingroom. My brain thought that it was 12:30am which is late enough, but not too late for a night owl like me even if I have to work at 9am. The shocked expression on my face must have been priceless when I wandered out to the kitchen to see 1:30am on the microwave. Today was a two-pot-of-coffee day at work just to keep me functional!

I have just come home from a lovely wedding out in the country, complete with a reception held in an old barn overlooking the Belleisle Bay. Weddings are not my thing, but this one was beautiful on so many levels and the love in the room was overwhelming. Best of luck to Christine and Derick!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June 18/08

Another ceramic masterpiece by moi! My nephew LOVES, loves, LOVES dinosaurs so I could not resist this "piggy" bank when I went to paint ceramics tonight. If I do say so myself, it is kind of adorable. C.'s birthday is in August and I think that it will be a great gift!

Monday, June 16, 2008

June 16/08

Instead of stitching, I have been busy working around my yard and enjoying the flora and fauna. The bees are having a great time in the honeysuckle bush out back. The hum of their buzzing is almost alarming because there are so many in the bush! The hummingbirds are making several appearances as are the sparrows and a blue jay stopped by the other evening.

My purple irises are best described as profuse! They are so beautiful and welcoming when I drive down the street towards my house!

The lilies are adding a splash of yellow not too far from the irises!

Now, these lupins I can not take any credit for, but they grow like mad in the empty lot beside my house. They add a lot of colour to the neighbourhood!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 10/08

A few more stitches have gone into the quilt. I was quite surprised to look at it last night to realize that I only have a few almost finished squares and one square to fully stitch before I start the back stitching. There is a moment when the piece has been worked on forever, but suddenly comes together and begins to look like the picture on the pattern. That moment for me was last night as I was reviewing the piece before putting it away.

A friend of mine who is involved in various community building activities recently came to speak at my Rotary Club. Cory has been to Uganda for a project called Stitch Uganda Together where he raised money for sewing machines so that people can develop a method for generating income. I was reminded of his visit to our club today when I heard that one of the club members has asked him to speak at the local nursing home about his project. The funny part about this friendship is that Cory and I met very randomly one night in the middle of the dance floor at a local club where we were both listening and dancing to an awesome band and then we kept running into each other. The more I talk with him, the more I am fascinated by the stuff he does (art therapy with school children, the Uganda thing, the Action Hero Network).

My recent life lessons: do not walk on the train track and if you think something looks dangerous, it probably is. I had to dive off the tracks the other day as I was exploring my country property and ten minutes later I fell backwards about a metre or more from a log that was spanning a small gully and landed flat on my back. I am very fortunate in that I did not knock myself out or break my back on a rock because no one knew I was out in the woods. Oh yeah, add "tell someone where you are going when going into the woods" to that life lesson list. Apparently, all those years in Girl Guides have taught me nothing. :-S

Saturday, June 07, 2008

June 7/08

I made a little progress last night on it. I know that I am getting old when I am spending my Friday nights cross stitching and admitting to it!!! Oh well, at least I am not hungover.

Before I sat down to stitch, I did some more Ebay browsing (but no bidding!). Teresa Wentzler is one of my favourite designers and I have quite a collection of her patterns so I flipped through my pattern shelf to make sure that I was not "watching" patterns on Ebay that I already have. Browsing that shelf kind of scared me because I have so many patterns now that I have forgotten what is on that shelf! Despite that, I may just have to bid on two of the TW pattern lots that were on offer on Ebay because I do not have "Day" and "Night" or the "Four Seasons Fairies".

Today is a somewhat, kind of, maybe lazy day for me after working 8 days in a row to cover for a co-workers vacation and I am participating in the Relay for Life. For those unfamiliar with the idea, it is a 12 hour fundraising relay for cancer research. One of my co-workers asked me yesterday why it was held overnight and I actually had the answer! It is done that way to show solidarity with those currently facing cancer during the darkest hours emotionally and physically during the day. As a hazard of the job, I have seen cancer take down too many amazing people and I am humbled by their courage and the courage of their families every time as they face this disease. For me, cancer is a different disease than heart disease or diabetes or any other disease because something is growing in the body and robbing the body of life.

So, I am going to head out to the woods for a little while and then go help out with the clean up for the Rotary club sponsored Survivors' Dinner before participating in the Relay. Each and every one of us can do so much if we all do something.

Friday, June 06, 2008

June 6/08

I have managed to get a few stitches into the baby blanket this week, but there has been little time between working 12 out of 14 days and socializing with A. while she is home! I have received a lovely parcel from an Ebay seller of Lavender and Lace patterns that will probably not ever get completed until my next lifetime or the one after that! My purchasing of patterns far exceeds my life expectancy.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

June 3/08

No stitchy pictures today. I have been having too much fun with one of my friends who is home from college in the US. She is only home for a week or so until she heads off to Princeton for the summer for a very prestigious program. I am very proud of my girl Aicha!!! Not only is she beautiful and funny, but she is smart, too!

There has been a little bit of drama in these parts. Some jerk stole my VISA number recently and now I have no VISA card until the new one arrives. I am really annoyed, but I guess that I am lucky in that this is the first time in 16 years that I have had something like this happen. Crooked and dishonest people suck.

On a good note, it is beautiful and sunny here today and I am heading out the door to enjoy the morning before I have to go to work.