Monday, September 25, 2006

Sept 25/06

The rain and wind were something short of ferocious yesterday and I was/am still recovering from a lovely bout of stomach 'flu so I stayed in and finished project #2:

As soon as I get around to getting a photo of my piece, I will replace the picture I have posted that is from Teresa Wentzler's site. The embroidery part was been completed for a couple of years, but somehow it got stashed in my basement and was recently uncovered as I was moving things around for some renovations. Yesterday was spent either hunched over my ironing board or sewing the thing together. I did choose to not put any backing on the bell pull as was suggested in TW's finishing directions because I place alot of importance on the niceness of the back of a piece and I want to be able to admire my handiwork.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sept 24/06

Okay, after much back and forth, I decided to attempt the 50 projects challenge as well. I do have some things that are coming from eBay so for me, the challenge starts after I had bid on those items last week. With that being said, I finished my first challenge piece last night (I scanned it in so I apologize for the quality of the image!):

This piece was completed for a class on Hardanger that I took recently at the Count On Us store in Saint John. The teacher was June Bull.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sept 17/06

I really must get myself hooked up with a digital camera because that certainly is half of the fun in reading the cross stitch blogs that I have wandered through. Because of the other bloggers, I have looked and bought some awesome stuff like HAED where I bought a beautiful pattern of irises.

Not much to report in terms of my current project of baby bibs and a receiving blanket. I have almost completed all of the cross-stitching and will hopefully soon be backstitching the receiving blanket. There is a bit of urgency to get these things done ASAP because I am leaving for El Salvador for two weeks to participate in a Habitat for Humanity program at the end of October and I am also involved in the organizing committee for the 2nd Annual Hampton Pharmasave Skins Spiel. Oh yeah, and I still have to work, sleep, eat and shower in there some time as well.

On this blog, the blogger refers to a brilliant idea that another blogger came up with and that is to buy no more patterns until she has finished 50 projects. Intriguing, but I suspect that I would almost immediately be an abject failure because I just can not stop myself from buying patterns even though I would have to retire now to ever have a chance at completing the patterns I have already accumulated. My craft room was severely culled over 6 months ago when the flooring was re-done in that room, but patterns, sweet patterns! How does one resist the urge?

Monday, September 04, 2006

Sept. 4/06

Last night, I finished the three bibs that I was making for three new babies in my life. The bibs will be soon winging their way to Sweden, Norway and the last one will be given to a friend here. I used Charles Craft bibs and stitched a free design from DMC:

The design was quick and cute. Depending on the sex of the child, I stitched the bow in either pink or blue or both in the case of the baby whose sex I do not know.

My next project will be a receiving blanket with the same bear for my friend having the girl.