Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mar 25/12

Wow! We have had such beautiful weather this past week that I have already started some of my spring outdoor work like picking up all the garbage that has blown into the yard and inspecting my compost bins. Yes, that is plural. I have three compost bins beside my shed. My yard is chock full of flower beds and I use compost as fertilizer because of the creek that runs through the corner of property. Anyhow, the 25C of last Tuesday has been replaced by snow flurries this afternoon. As much as I am not a fan of winter, I much prefer more seasonal weather than days that are nicer than days in July.

More progress has been made on my brother's wedding gift. I would estimate that I am 1/4 of the way through the cross stitching part and I am a little anxious about whether I will get it completed in time. There have been several evenings where I have been exhausted mentally and physically after work so no stitching was done those evenings. Some times I just have maybe a half hour so I set a goal of stitching up a full length of floss (the floss is pre-cut). Sunday evenings are a good evening to stitch, especially one like tonight where it is grey and damp.

I did almost give the game away today though. As part of my mom's birthday celebrations today, my brother and I put together a roast beef dinner. My first thought was to take the piece along with me to work on it in between putting on the roast in the slow cooker and getting the vegetables ready but then I realized that my brother and his girlfriend would see what I was working on! I took a book along with me although I ended up taking a nap to recover from last night's debauchery. The meal was lovely in the end though!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mar 13/12

The Canadian Women's and Men's curling championships have been on these past three weeks so I have been spending alot of time in front of the television. That in turn means lots of stitching! There is a faint hope that this will be completed in time for my brother's wedding in August, but the advent of warmer weather and a trip away to the Dominican Republic in a few weeks will take away from my potential stitching time.

Yes, I am off on another trip. This trip has me really excited. I will be returning to the Dominican Republic for the third time, this time on a health care mission. I will be working with a team of American and Dominican doctors to provide basic healthcare out in the sugar cane villages and in one of the prisons. My role will be, for those who don't know what I do for work, is to be the team pharmacist and to dispense the medications we are taking with us. The sugar cane cutters are Haitian so they have little or no access to the Dominican healthcare system. The doctor organizing the team has told me that these clinics are primarily a well-persons clinic as the sugar cane cutters have to be able bodied to be working in the fields and to be eligible to rent the shacks in the company villages. I have no idea what to expect in the prison, but it will be all part of the experience. One of these days I will take a real vacation like a trip to Italy or Ireland, but for now, I love what I am doing.