Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jan 20/08

A few stitches have been done around this place, but mostly I have been increasing my stash through donations from other people who are decluttering their craft supplies. One friend gave me several large pieces of Aida cloth that she no longer uses because her interest in cross stitch has waned in favour of other crafts. The photo today is of the bag of patterns that one of my co-workers gave me because she no longer cross stitches and she was cleaning out her stuff. Not all of the patterns appeal to me, but there are lots to look through!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Jan. 7/08

I am quite excited about this little bargain that I found on Chapters Indigo online. Yup, that price sticker is very much correct, plus I got a percentage off for being an irewards member and it was free shipping for orders over $39. Not much accomplished on the stitching side of things because a few viruses and the Christmas holidays have kept me away from my stitching. Right now, I am procrastinating from my grad school application because I am stumped as to how to properly promote myself in my letter of intention. Arghh!!!!

This is what the snow looked like on my deck yesterday before the weather warmed up and melted alot of it down. I call my table the "snow mushroom" in this photo! We have received alot of snow this winter so far------4 storms in 7 days makes me very weary from shovelling the driveway.