Friday, May 30, 2008

May 30/08

No stitching pictures today-----just a little musing. Last night, some friends and I were flipping through my blog and one of them asked me how I knew Barbara because she faithfully posts comments on my entries. That question got me to thinking about comments or lack thereof on my blog because I regularly check my stats and can see how many people check into my blog every day. Saint John, Rothesay and Hampton show up quite regularly on the stats counter and my curiousity gets the better of me! Who is checking out my blog? Leave a comment or message me! I like to know these things!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

May 25/08

I made some progress on the baby quilt last night. After working all day and then having my sister over so she could use my computer, I decided that it was a good Saturday night to watch movies and stitch. I hope to have the quilt done soon so that I can get onto the second quilt that needs to be stitched!

I decided to stitch up this ornie the other day because I had enough left over fabric after stitching the other ornie. This design is "Snowflake Heart " from Wild Heart Designs in JCS 2006 Christmas ornaments. Once again, mystery cloth and mystery threads. To give it a "snowy" effect, I used 2 different colours to give the piece a bit of depth like a true snowflake.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

May 22/08

Chelssie commented in an email the other day that she is making all of her Christmas presents this year so that reminded me that I should stitch another ornament or two. This one is called "Emblem of Friendship" by Cherished Stitches and is found in the 2006 JCS Christmas Ornaments edition. I am working on a second design that I found in the same magazine and hopefully it will be completed tomorrow! Stitching smalls is a nice break from the big projects and gives me that instant gratification that I crave!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

May 17/08

Here is a wee update on the baby quilt. I have been pretty busy these past few weeks in between being away in the Dominican and then getting back to work, visiting with a cousin who was in town, getting a new bed (there is heaven on Earth!! LOL!), etc.....I have managed to spend a little time stitching these past few nights so here is a stitching update before people start to think that this blog is no longer about stitching! And of course, Penelope had to see what I was doing and she walked over the quilt just as I snapped the photo.

Monday, May 12, 2008

May 12/08

The Habitat for Humanity trip to the Dominican Republic was fantastic beyond any expectations that I had before leaving. This photo kind of sums it up for me at the moment. One afternoon we went to a primary school in San Francisco de Marcoso, the city where we were working, and did a colouring exercise with the children so that they could learn the names of colours in English. This little girl was in the classroom where I went to help the kids. She was really quiet at first, but soon she was holding my hand and showing me off to all of her friends on the playground!

The team (see photo!), the workers on site and everyone that I met along the way were fantastic! The Dominicans have such a joie de vivre that it is both infectious and deafening (imagine being in a cab at midnight with the stereo volume on 50!). Like the Salvadorans before them, I have fallen in love with yet another Hispanic culture.

Friday, May 02, 2008

May 2/08

In between all of the other madness, I have managed to put a few more stitches into this baby quilt. The project is now on hold until I come home from the Dominican Republic in a week's time.

The final shot of my suitcase full of school supplies for the Dominican Republic just before it was zipped shut. Thanks to my very generous family and friends for supporting me in this idea. I hope that in our small way we are helping some more children in their education. There are many children in our own communities here in the Global North who could also use school supplies because their parents can not afford them for one reason or another. Donations to the schools or the local foodbanks would be greatly appreciated, I am sure. I had a heartwarming experience this morning when I learned that the leftover food from the Rotary fundraiser last night went to a single mom and three kids who had contacted the Hampton Food Bank in desperate need. I am glad that I sought out Jean Hartlen who was attending our event and who does alot of benevolent work in our community. I will never now who they are, but I can sleep well tonight knowing that some kids who would be otherwise hungry got a good feed of roast beef and veggies and a lovely treat of cheesecake today.