Sunday, July 27, 2008

July 27/08

All other stitching projects were put to one side this week as I stitched like a mad woman when I had a few spare moments to do up this bib for a baby shower that I am going to this afternoon. To the man who puts grass in his car, see, I was not lying about not being able to help you move today! (Inside joke, he reads this blog regularly!) Not a bad finish for someone who just worked 6 days this week, did 2 6km runs and was out socializing every night this week!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

July 23/08

More colour is bursting out all over my yard while few are appearing on any stitching projects I have on the go! I have been busy this week digging out my three compost bins (I am a bit obsessive) and spreading the soil on the lawn and in the flower beds. A garter snake had been making its home in one of the bins and I really do not know who was more frightened when it slithered out this evening, me or the snake!

This asiatic lily is the first one I planted and year after year, it produces impressive blooms.

With all the talk of hive collapse, my guess is that there is a very healthy hive somewhere around here because my flowers are all buzzing with bees and hummingbirds. A few years ago, I did a little reading about how to plant to attract bees and hummingbirds and I think that I have been wildly successful. I came across 2 hummingbirds this evening while I was out taking photos and the blooms are crawling and buzzing with bees. Besides, bee balm and company are so much more attractive than those ugly red hummingbird feeders I have seen at the hardware store and alot less maintenance!

This day lily has such a pretty colour and is a nice change from the yellows and pinks/reds of the rest of the flowers.

The rudbeckia, aka brown eyed susans, are making their appearance now. They are such a cheerful loking flower that make me smile when I come across them hidden between some of my shrubs at the edge of the lawn.

The purple coneflower is such an odd looking flower in my opinion. Perhaps because it is odd that I like it so much and have 4 or 5 purple and white ones planted in the front bed!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 22/08

My stitching is coming along slowly! I just started the back stitching on the T. Wentzler bookmarks last night so they will probably not be in the mail on time. Instead of stitching, I have been busy enjoying the great weather we have been having by working out in the yard and hanging out with my friends. I even went for a 6km jog on Sunday! My stopwatch battery has died so I have no idea of my time, but I was thrilled that I completed my old loop and still felt like a human being afterwards!

My Habitat trip to Mongolia is on hold a bit until Habitat International finishes all of the restructuring that it is doing within its organizations. We have been told that no new trips will be accepted until at least September so I have been using the time to find out more information about Mongolia and to acquire some books about the country.

Without airing all of my family's dirty laundry, I would just like to say that life is too short and that family is all important. My mom used to say that at the end of days when the world is going crazy, your friends will be busy looking after themselves and their families and it is your family that will be the only people who are left to save your ass. (Ok, Mom might not have said the word "ass", but you get the idea) Please do not wait until it is too late to make any amends that need to be made if there is any chance that the situation could be salvaged. I know that this sounds kind of two faced coming from someone who does not speak to her own father and believe me, that is a demon I constantly wrestle with, but once the person is gone, it is too late.

Monday, July 14, 2008

July 14/08

I have been on vacation for the past week and did more reading than stitching, but here are a few pictures to share!

I stayed at a beautiful cottage in Marshville, NS, just outside of Tatamagouche. As you can see, the sunsets on the beach are fantastic.

And yet another sunset.

The tide was out, exposing the mudflats and the life therein.

As I was chatting over drinks and munchies about my next possible Habitat for Humanity trip which is looking like it will involve going to Mongolia with one of the guys I met in the Dominican Republic, I noticed this menu cover at Your Father's Moustache on Spring Garden Road in Halifax, NS (my favourite pub on my favourite street in my favourite city!!)!

When my brain slowed down each day from being crammed full of readings on colonialism, I would put a few stitches into these bookmarks designed by Teresa Wentzler. I have a deadline as they need to be in the mail shortly to friends who share the same birthday as me!

Monday, July 07, 2008

July 7/08

Recently, I noticed that my cat does this weird thing when she sleeps and she is usually dead asleep when she gets all twisted around like this. The only way I can wake her is by touching her because she does not hear her name as she is so deeply asleep. Last night while I was stitching, I finally remembered to have my camera by my side and this is what I captured. I am really not sure how this position can be comfortable, but Penelope does not seem to mind!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

July 5/08

One of my favourite places in the world is St. Martins, New Brunswick. The village is small and unspoiled, the shore is gorgeous and the Fundy Trail is a great place to spend time hiking and exploring the Bay of Fundy coastline. Plus, one of the restaurants there makes the BEST fish and chips around. The lobster is pretty good there, too, and probably just off one of the boats that you can see in the harbour at the wharf.

This mushroom was growing alongside the Fundy Trail. I do not know much about mushrooms, but I thought that it was pretty interesting looking!

The gardens around my house are bursting into colour. Every day there seems to be a new bloom in every corner. I do not remember all of the names of the flowers in my yard; I just know that I like'em!