Friday, June 26, 2009

June 27/09

Sitting here in Seoul at 5am after a long 13 hour flight on Korean Air from JFK. I slept alot and I had really nice seatmates so the flight was as pleasant as it can be for being on a plane for over 14 hours. Passed the H1N1 check with flying colours and am now waiting for the (free) shower rooms to open up so I can freshen up before spending the day in Seoul with a friend who teaches English here in Korea. Then, this evening it is on to Ulan Bataar!!

냐ㅜㅊㄷ ㅑ 므 녀초 ㅁ 애가, ㅑ ㅗㅁㅍㄷ ㅠㄷ두 ㅗㅁ퍄ㅜㅎ ㅣㅐㅅㄴ ㅐㄹ 려ㅜ 쟈소 솓 ㅣ무혐ㅎㄷ ㅏ됴 ㅐㅜ 소ㅑㄴ ㅏ됴ㅠㅐㄱㅁㅇ. I just wrote that I am having lots of fun with the language key on this keyboard! That is the Korean one and there is a chinese one as well, but it is not being as much fun for me! I am starting to get really excited about all of this!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 24/09

One more sleep and I am off to Mongolia with Habitat for Humanity! I am so freaked out that I am calm. I have done everything I can to get ready for this trip and now things are out of my hands. What will happen will happen and all I can do is go along for the ride. I will be taking some stitching with me to work on during the long flights and layovers and I look forward to checking out Mongolian textiles.
Bon voyage!

Monday, June 22, 2009

June 22/09

In between packing for my trip to Mongolia and finalizing details, I have been doing some stitching to de-stress! A few months ago, I found a black jacket on sale at a discount store for $10. The only things wrong with it were a button that needed to be sewed back on and the belted cuffs were missing (the loops are there at the wrists, but the belts were missing). A designer in one of my design books had designs done on mosquito netting so I went to the hardware store last week and bought some. I am using 4 strands of DMC 501 with a motif from the book in the picture. The plan is to blanket stitch the edges together, but I have yet to figure out how I will finish the cuff as I want to do it in such a way that I can easily remove and re-attach the cuff for laundry purposes. Mosquito netting, who knew?!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

June 11/09

Oh my goodness! In 2 weeks time, I will be loading my bags in the car and heading out to Bangor to start the long air journey to Mongolia. What have I gotten myself into? My to-do list is slowly being chipped away and the days are flying by. It is hard to believe that this time last year I was just home from my last Habitat trip to the Dominican Republic and beginning to think about where I was going to go next. Mongolia, eh? Who knew?

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

June 9/09

With three cats ruling the shack, one never knows where one might find one! Penelope was making my wardrobe selections that day!

So many of my friends are putting in vegetable gardens these days. Part of it is probably a reaction to industrial agriculture and the generic-ness of our food these days and part of the movement is to recapture the memories of our youth. Most everyone around here in rural New Brunswick had vegetable gardens when I was a kid thirty or so years ago. These tomato plants are the extent of my efforts this year since I will be away to Mongolia for 3 weeks.

Finally, but definitely not least, I have finished the stitching portion of three Teresa Wentzler bookmarks. The finishing will have to wait until I get home later this summer.

Monday, June 01, 2009

June 1/09

Hmmmm....I am a technological dork. When I went to show my co-workers what I had accomplished this weekend, I realized that I only uploaded one photo of the two bibs that I stitched this weekend. Here is the second one!