Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Aug 24/10

In my last entry I mentioned that I found some finished pieces so I thought I might post them. This one was done probably about 7 years ago as I stitched the matching quilt for my nephew when he was born:

Then, there was this piece that is reminiscent of what goes on in my house all of the time:

Just exchange the window and cushion for the floor mat in front of the patio door and you get the idea! Recently one poor little songbird was sacrificed to the feline hunting instinct but I did see some more little brave birds eating the berries off of my honeysuckle bush since then.

My current WIPs are the series of Dimension ornaments that feature birds, inspirational words and postmarks. These ones are the second one in a series of six that I have purchased:

And a wee warning before you scroll down further..................................................There are pictures of animal skulls, not something one would normally associate with cross stitching!

I was out clearing brush at the old apple orchard the other day when I almost stepped on this little skull. I found it so fascinating because it was so intact except for a few missing teeth. My lack of wildlife knowledge has me guessing as to what animal it may have been, but I am guessing that it may have been a fox or a similar animal. There was some fresh deer poop in and around the orchard as well, but I did not find that fascinating enough to photograph!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Aug 23/10

Hint hint hint that I may need to de-clutter this place----last night I found two completely stitched pieces that I had forgotten all about. I was moving some unopened kits around in an attempt to arrange them after some of them had fallen over because I was moving some paperwork that is stacked beside the kits and presto! a mystery bag. I opened the bag and there they were! On the big downside, I was finally getting my mystery thread box under control and now I have a big handful of left over threads to add to it from those two projects.

Clutter is a theme all over my house. I recently reclaimed a corner of my basement after giving away an old microwave that had been sitting in that corner for 2 years and getting rid of a bag of Christmas decorations to the Rotary Club table at the townwide yardsale. This weekend, I tackled my old car and found a bag of mittens that went to the Diabetes donation box and almost $6 in change which came in handy for coffee money today! Honestly! How does the clutter get so far ahead of me?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Aug 16/10

Not all of my artistic talents are stitching related:

I also do a great camouflage design, but I do not know how to obscure faces nor am I great at editing so I can not show you the sign my nephew and I made for his daddy.
A two week leave is just not long enough. How much longer will this insanity continue? I understand that the Afghan people want peace and stability just as much as anyone else in the world, but what about this little boy who fiercely misses his daddy? Why does he have to pay the price for the decisions made by the politicians and warlords?

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Aug 4/10

Oops! Forgot to photograph this one and upload it! Another Joan Elliott on 28ct Lugana and stitched with mystery threads.

Aug 4/10

Over the weekend while visiting family and friends in Southern Ontario, I was showing my blog to my cousin's girlfriend so that she could see some of the things that I have stitched as she is into cross-stitch as well. While flipping through the blog, I came across several stash pictures of patterns that I had completely forgotten that I owned but apparently needed at the moment of purchase. Fast forward a few days when I was puttering around the house, I went through the pile of patterns on my book shelf and pulled out several to line up for stitching. If I do not post for a month or more, please come find me under the pile of patterns that has fallen over and suffocated me. Note to self: You really do not need to buy any more patterns. Ever.