Friday, January 13, 2012

Jan 13/12

Once I finished the Christmas ornament mania, I took a look at a project that was kitted up by the sister of a friend and then given to me by that friend. Her sister was going through a family crisis last and was needing to downsize her belongings so I was the lucky recipient! The parcel I received included the pattern, the fabric and the floss so all I have to do is stitch it. This design is called "Billede" from Oehlenshlager Design. The finished design is 39 x 63cm. 
I was going to post the picture from the front of the design package, but decided to leave you all in suspense and post as I stitch. This little snippet already reveals the subject. The picture on the pattern reminds me of a book I absolutely adored as a child, "Misty of Chincoteague".

No stitching will get done here for the next few weeks as I am heading to Africa for a few weeks. I am keen to check out Burkinabe textiles and to soak up the culture. Perhaps a small project might get tucked into my bag at the last minute to stitch on the flights.